• Interview - Andy Schmidt - Omega Flight Reduced to 5 issue Mini

    When the solicitation for Omega Flight #1 came out, fans were shocked to see that it was slated to be a 5 issue Mini-Series instead of a full length series as was originally intended. AlphaFlight.net spoke with Omega Flight editor Andy Schmidt to uncover what had happened.

    Originally printed 01/08/17

    AlphaFlight.net: The solicitations for Omega Flight #1 just came out, and fans are already up in arms about it being listed as a 5 issue mini-series. This is news to everyone, so I'm hoping you are able to set the record strait on what's going on.

    Schmidt, Andy: Iíll certainly try.

    AlphaFlight.net: Why was the Omega Flight series "downgraded" to a 5 part mini?

    Schmidt, Andy: Weíre trying not to overload the market with CIVIL WAR spin-off books. While weíve got plenty of ideas and weíre confidant that OMEGA FLIGHT will be well received, weíre also aware that a lot of people have been spending a lot of money on our books lately. Weíre trying not to ask too much of our readers and their wallets. All you guys have been incredibly supportive all through CIVIL WAR, and we donít want anyone to feel like weíre pushing loads of comics they donít want or need on them. So weíre letting you guys take the lead. Weíre putting a number of titles out and weíre going to listening closely to what you have to say about them.

    We certainly hope that all the series that come out as limited series will be popular, but only fans can say for sure, and even then, only after theyíve read the books. So, weíre basically putting these books out there and the ones that fans click with will stick around.

    Itís certainly no slap in anyoneís face. Weíre doing our best to listen very closely to our fans as a whole. Weíre being cautious at the outset, thatís all.

    AlphaFlight.net: Some fans felt blind-sided by the altered series structure. Why is that fans had to find out about the change in format through the solicitation? Since the decision was made a month ago couldn't fans have been warned and given an explanation then?

    Schmidt, Andy: An announcement could have been made, but I donít know that it would have made any difference. Folks who were going to get upset, were going to get upset whenever they heard the news. In addition to the fans clamoring for an ongoing (and thank you for being so vocal) there are also new people popping up saying that now that itís a limited series, they will pick it up as well.

    AlphaFlight.net: Fans have already begun to express their desire for a regular series. The Fight For The Flight campaign was put together for a way for fans to organize and rally behind Omega Flight, and fans on message boards all over the net are making noise. Were you expecting such a sudden, vocal reaction to the solicitation's announcement?

    Schmidt, Andy: Actually, yes. Iím an ALPHA FLIGHT fan myself, so I knew how I felt when it came up for discussion. I totally understand that reaction, but on the other hand, Iím also aware that Iím personally better suited to build a limited series than an ongoing.

    From what Iím seeing, thereís more of a push than ever behind OMEGA FLIGHT, and thatís a great thing for us. The more noise you make, hopefully, the more retailers will order, and the more other fans will hear about the series. I know and understand that some folks think that this is some sort of slam on the book, but it really isnít. Again, with a limited and then going to an ongoing is something Iíve done several times as an editor, and Mike has done as a writer, so this makes sense to us. Itís actually very good for the book, I think.

    AlphaFlight.net: Are there currently any plans for this to lead to either an Omega Flight full length series, or perhaps an Alpha Flight series?

    Schmidt, Andy: I wouldnít rule anything out!

    AlphaFlight.net: Should the mini-series sell well, when could fans expect to hear good news about a regular series? If this does happen, can we expect Oeming and Kolins to remain on-board?

    Schmidt, Andy: Another not so popular answer, itís not my decision when and what to make announcements about, so I really donít know. As for the future, Iím looking to pack everything Iíve got (and Mike and Scott are doing the same) into these five issues. If the fan support is there, then you can bet there will be more adventures for our Canadian heroes!

    AlphaFlight.net: Some people are afraid that this news will put some fans off buying the series, as they were excited about a full-length, do you see this as a potential problem?

    Schmidt, Andy: Thatís not really a concern for me. We understand how limited series do versus ongoing series. We can tell when something is a popular limited series. In point of fact, itís been my experience, that ongoings that launch after a strong limited series launch better (Madrox to X-Factor and Drax the Destroyer to Annihilation). So, this is a format that Iím comfortable with as an editor.

    AlphaFlight.net:So....got any art you can share yet?

    Schmidt, Andy: For you guys? The guys out there rallying to our cause? ABSOLUTELY!
    Here's a first look at the logo design, and interior art spread all colored up and the first cover!
    Oh, and why stop there, here are some as-of-yet-unseen character designs!
    (***editor's note*** Any familiar images are much larger than the previously released versions)

    Omega FlightOmega Flight LogoOmega Flight Preview Page #1Omega Flight Arachne SketchOmega Flight Wrecking Crew SketchOmega Flight Talisman SketchOmega Flight US Agent Sketch
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      Flightpath07 -
    1. Ben's Avatar
      Ben -
      Andy is a great guy, really supported the title, and was great to give us the first look at art. His back was against the wall on the whole thing.
    1. -K-M-'s Avatar
      -K-M- -
      Yeah I liked Andy as well, and was very respectful.

      Kind of sad as shortly after Omega Flight ended both he and Scott Kolins left Marvel
    1. Ahab's Avatar
      Ahab -
      It was really obvious that these guys liked and respected Alpha Flight. Did anyone ever try to follow up afterwards with Oeming to find out what the plans were when they thought this was going to be an ongoing? I thought I remembered them saying something about if we wait long enough, we will love what we see. Or maybe that was Ben or Phil that said that? It sounded like the original team might eventually all come back to the nest had they not changed it to a mini...
    1. cmdrkoenig67's Avatar
      cmdrkoenig67 -
      Joe Quesada also claimed that if we waited long enough, Alpha Flight fans would love what we see...I'm still waiting.